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Five Guitar Heroes On How They Got Started


Five Guitar Heroes On How They Got Started

By Hugh McKenna

Some guitars are intrinsically linked to certain guitarists, as Slash says “you’re either a Les Paul guy or a Strat guy.” And the man with the hat can’t quite keep the derision out of his voice as he says the ‘S word’ and that shows just how much the Les Paul means to him. Both Slash and Joe Bonamassa site Led Zep as a major influence in choosing the Gibson original.


They didn’t all start out with these vintage American made works of art though, Hank Marvin first got a banjo and Slash had a Classical Acoustic with a single string (get he still managed to make it sing though).

The BBC has built up an incredible archive of interviews with great guitarists, acoustic, electric and everything in between. Check out their full range of interviews here.

Richard Hawley loves his Gibson 335.

Hank Marvin on what the Fender Stratocaster means to him.

Joe Bonamassa tells us why the ‘59 Les Paul is special, really special.

Jimmy Page talks to Simon Mayo.

Page and a couple of other guitar heroes talk about what strings they use…


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