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Fall Out Boy Are Back And On Tour

It seems the reports of Fall Out Boy’s demise were greatly exaggerated. With the band recently announcing a number of live dates and an album due out in May they’re busier than ever.

Really taking off in 2005 with ‘From Under The Cork Tree’ which went double platinum and gained them a Grammy nomination. Fall Out Boy’s distinctive sound comes in large part from Patrick Stump’s unique vocals and some expert melding of hardcore punk and pop styles in his guitar playing.

Patrick has a versatile signature guitar with some neat features to help you get creative and sculpt your tone. Being a Gretsch with TV Jones pickups means it’s not short on some classic tone, while a third middle humbucker gives you all the beef you might need.

Talking about some weighty sound, Patrick is an avowed fan of the Vox AC30 too…

“The clean has a really warm tone, but it can multi-task. As a clean amp, it does a lot at once. As a dirty amp, I think it’s a really great lead amp, which is made very obvious by Brian May and all the other great guitar players who have used it.”

So that’s how you can get some Patrick Stump sounds but if you wan’t to hear the man himself then you need to get to Leeds or Reading festivals this year as their London show on 25th February sold out rapidly.


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