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Eric Clapton Inspired Blues Lesson

What makes the guitar playing of Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan and B. B. King so amazing? Find out with this free three-part series of video lessons from GuitarJamz.com!

In the 9minute tutorial video, you learn the legendary “hammer on/pull off” technique inspired by Eric Clapton. After you’ve mastered the first technique move on to lessons 2 and 3 inspired by B. B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Just add your email address and the lessons will be sent to you instantly!
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Marty Schwartz!

by Chris Lea at 6:22pm on the 17th Mar 2011

Sick of seeing Clapton hand me downs. Show something a bit more original and innovative for a change. If you want to be a great guitarist, don’t play this lick. If you want to sound like alll the other lame wristed guitarists who are so old they can’t remember their names, carry on.

by Jabber at 6:41pm on the 17th Mar 2011

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