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EMI & The Little Phatty | All About The Music

EMI & The Little Phatty | All About The Music

EMI Love the Little Phatty!

Little Phatty Stage II

EMI Music Publishing has a unrivaled reputation within the music industry, and represents the single greatest music catalogue in the world: a total of 1.3 million songs, 1000 UK and US number ones in the last 85 years and Billboard Publisher of the Year for 12 consecutive years. So, it’s no surprise that EMI Publishing’s own studios in London is one of the capital’s busiest facilities, and acts as home for the stellar array of acts signed to EMI’s ranks.

Such a hotbed of creativity demands premium tools, so it was natural that EMI would choose a Moog Little Phatty analogue synthesizer to stimulate the writing and recording process. Resident EMI studio engineer Ben Jackson confirmed that the little Moog had become a permanent fixture, and showed no signs of letting up:

The Phatty in use in Studio B

Moog Little Phatty EMI Studios

“The Little Phatty’s been an absolutely smashing addition to the studio setup. At the moment it’s in Studio A - the HD room. Everyone signed to EMI’s roster goes through that room at one point or another. We have two studios here and the Little Phatty gets moved back and forth between them regularly. Ishi is in here at the moment (producer of Tinie Tempah’s second album), and we’ve had Beverley Knight, Alexandra Burke and Autumn Rowe all working here too. Kele from Bloc Party was using the Little Phatty on his record - things are better here now than they’ve ever been.”  In addition to this impressive client list, the studios are a proving ground for a range of unsigned acts that get studio time to see if the sparks fly. The Moog gets played by everyone, as Jackson explains:

Rows of tapes bearing well-known names line Studio A.

Moog Little Phatty EMI Studios Tapes

“Our A&R people go out to see gigs all the time, and give studio time to artists they think show promise. A lot of artists coming here see the Little Phatty and just want to use it – even indie bands too, who know Oasis were using Moogs! It’s one of the best synth purchases we’ve ever made.

There is some pretty stiff competition in the studio: We have some great other synths, but the Little Phatty really holds its own. It’s built like a real workhorse - it goes and goes. We’re moving it back and forth between the studios all the time and it somehow still looks basically untouched. It’s really solid build quality, you just fire it up and away it goes!”

We love it because its easy to use, and the sounds are… oh so customizable!

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