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Eagles of Death Metal Rockin’ Rode Microphones

Who’s Rockin’ Rode this week? Californian garage-rock duo Eagles of Death Metal are renowned for their charismatic and infectious tongue-in-cheek attitude to rock ‘n’ roll - and the most rockin’ mics of all - Rode!

Eagles of Death Metal rockin rode

“Love your mics!”

Eagles of Death Metal are a garage-rock duo from Palm Desert, California with the grand idea to make music that people will enjoy, that doesn’t have to be taken to seriously. While other groups flaunt their sex-and-drugs attitude, EODM lightly mock that ultra-macho mindset in their song. Fueled by pure driving blues guitar rather than effects-laden fretboard acrobatics, and cowbell instead of double-bass thunder, the duo target fans who understand that rock ‘n’ roll is best enjoyed when it’s loud and vaguely ridiculous.

Eagles of Death Metal uses

NT4 The Rode NT4 is a half-inch diaphram cardioid microphone with two matched capsules positioned in an XY 90 degree pattern for recording - taking the difficult task of stereo recording and handling it with ease. Never before has stereo recording been so easy. Read more

Classic II Machined from solid brass, hand polished, glass bead blasted and coated in satin nickel, this is a microphone with Class A valve circuitry that gives unmatchable warmth, clarity and sensitivity when critical vocal and instrument recording is required. Read more

NT2000 The frequency and transient response of this new transducer has been voiced to complement today’s modern recording techniques, and yet still evoke the silky smooth character of the legendary microphones of the 50’s and 60’s. Read more

K2 The K2 is the ultimate mic in pure rich tube sound and performance, delivering supower low self noise, high max SPX and mega wide dynamic range. Read more

Stereo VideoMic Designed to meet the challenge of professional stereo field recording, the Rode Stereo VideoMic is based on ultra-low noise mic technology with an X/Y configuration that meets the challenge of professional stereo field recording whilst retaining the essential ambient sound of the recording environment. Read more

Podcaster< The Podcaster is Rode’s first USB output microphone with specifications and features specifically suited to the voice, the clarity of Rode’s tailored-for-voice frequency response, and of course a very low self noise. Read more

Rode 10 Year Warranty

All products from Rode at Dolphin Music come with a 10-year warranty. Once you’ve bought your microphone, just register it over at the Rode warranty website

Come back next Wednesday to see who’s rockin’ Rode!


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