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Every beginning drummer faces the same question: What is the best way to position the first basic cymbal set-up around the drum kit? The knowledge and experience that will help to guarantee a relaxed playing position on the drum kit is not something that the beginning drummer has. An important issue in ensuring comfortable playing is the correct positioning of the cymbals. Following are some valuable guidelines for the ambitious beginner.

The drum throne is the center of every drum kit and is also the most ergonomically crucial spot. Starting from here, it is essential that everything is comfortably accessible and easy to reach without having to twist or bend. All cymbals should lean and face towards the throne. This ensures long lasting and comfortable playing without physical problems.

NOTE: Positioning of cymbals is listed under the assumption of the drummer being right-handed. If the drummer is left-handed, please reverse the set-up.

CYMBAL SET-UP (from left to right)



Here are four easy guidelines to follow to ensure a long life for your Zildjian cymbals:

1. Play it right

Avoid striking cymbals directly on their edge. Crash cymbals especially, should be hit with a glancing blow, a little off centre. Striking with a slight twist of the wrist also helps avoid breakage and allows crash cymbals to “open up”.

2. Choose the Right Cymbal

The sound quality of a Zildjian cymbal is determined by its alloy content, size, shape, hammering and lathing patter. If you try to force a cymbal to produce volume beyond its range, it can cause breakage. Famous drummers who use Zildjian are noticeably from a range of different genres. Zildjian cymbals don’t just cater to one type. If heavy metal is your thing, Zildjian cymbals can sound loud, if you’re more of a Britney Spears kind of drummer, you can get those too!

Set-Up Basics



Zildjian also provide a few what to do’s and what not to do’s..

Avoid Metal-to-Metal Contact

Place a sturdy nylon or rubber sleeve around the cymbal titler rod when mounting your cymbals to prevent centre hole deformation and cracking. Always use top and bottom felts.

Keep It Loose

Do not over-tighten the wing nut. This can cause cracks around the centre hole. Also, a clamped cymbal will not vibrate freely and often sounds choked. For HiHats, keep the clutch medium-tight so that the top cymbal moves freely.

What you can do with your Zildjian Cymbals…


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What cymbals would you recommend for the perfect setup?

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