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Divinity Roxx the Bass Guitar

The first bassist we’ve chosen to kick off our bass week may not be one of the most well known female bassists on the planet, but she’s worked with one of the biggest names, from Beyonce to arguably the biggest bassist of all time, Victor Wooten. Her ability to play ferocious bass and rap simultaneously caught our eye…if it caught Wooten’s attention then it’s good enough for us! So who is this bassist?

Divinity Roxx is an acclaimed bass player, rapper and producer. Divinity Roxx is well known for her work with Victor Wooten after meeting him at her college, UC Berkley. A college dropout, Wooten asked Divinity to join him on tour, and she played in his live shows from 2001 through to 2005, as well as playing bass on two of his albums; Live in America and Soul Circus. Roxx then moved on, and since 2006 has held the title of Musical Director in Beyonce’s all-girl-band Suga Mama. Besides her high-flying work with some of the world’s biggest names, Roxx is currently working on the Roxx Boxx Experience, her second studio album that will be released sometime this year.

Divinity Roxx Interview

The video below of Divinity Roxx playing bass guitar at the Beyonce Live Experience concert is the one that caught our eye. Though she might not be playing anything technically astounding, she’s got the groove you need to play great funk bass and she plays through a medley of classic hip-hop and R&B tunes, wrapping up with some solo bass and stage antics! Her playing style at 2:20 gets a little interesting.

Divinity Roxx’s Gear

Roxx is currently in the process of designing her own signature guitar with Warwick. She calls her current Warwick Streamer a “purple beastie deliciousness”: a 5-string bass with a 24” scale maple neck and an ash body.

TC-Electronic are also huge fans, you can find two Divinity Roxx signature designed TonePrint pedals: the ‘Pretty Gritty’ Flanger which is designed to work as an intro, being more aggressive and gritty at the bottom while keeping a pretty little flicker on top. ‘Get Your Fix’ Delay is Divinity’s second TonePrint pedal from TC, a bright and rhythmic delay pedal which is crafted to fit the mod for one of Roxx’s songs, “Get Your Fix”.

The Roxx Boxx Experience

You can see Divinity Roxx and her newest project, the Roxx Boxx Experience Live below…

The Dolphin Music Bass Week

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