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Digitech Hardwire Pedal Guide

Digitech Hardwire Pedal Guide


Choosing the right pedal can be tricky, there’s so many to choose from with all kinds of wacky names and every taste catered for. While getting a custom, hand made, painted, tube distortion from a man with a beard in Vermont is great for the studio you really need a big name you can trust for live situations.

That’s why Digitech created the Hardwire series, designed from the ground up as live performance pedals. Compact, tough as nails and every one comes with a range of handy accessories to make sure things go smoothly at the gig, under any conditions.

Digitech Hardwire Accessories

Ace from Skunk Ananasie has long been a fan of Digitech, relying on them for a number of tours and using the Hardwire effects recently for recording. Talking to Guitarist magazine Ace said.

"The only non-DigiTech pedal I have on there is my Pearl Octave pedal because it’s the only thing that can give me that specific sound. I use the CM-2 [Tube Overdrive], the chorus and the delay which is absolutely brilliant…"

Want to hear the pedals in action? Then check out Digitech’s comparison above or visit the Hardwire Soundcloud.


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