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d4agreg | Supermassive Black Hole on the Zoom G1U

Take a look at this YouTube video of d4agreg making the most out of the Zoom G1U, you can achieve any sound you want. Check out his Zoom verion of Muse’s Supermassive Black Hole!

d4agreg Zoom G1U

The Zoom G1U

The Zoom G1U is a guitar FX and USB Audio I/F Pedal. The G1U packs in a mass of great features, with 30 types of authentic drive tones and 67 stage ready effects, we’re just getting started. You only need to watch that video to see what it’s capable of.

The G1U is an amp modeler, a multi-FX unit and USB interface that can record straight into your computer… to manipulate your sounds as much as you like. With an onboard tuner, 5 second looper and drum rhythm library the Zoom G1U could be any guitarists’ best friend.

Zoom G1U Pedal

The Zoom G1U comes together with ZFX Tools editing software and the Ableton Lite 7 music production software.

Take a 360 View

Zoom G1U Key Features:

  • 67 Stage-ready Effects
  • Dozens of tube amps at your feet
  • Advanced ZFX-3 audio engine
  • Modern to legendary straight out of the box
  • Looping function records 5-second phrases
  • Integrated drum machine with PCM sound sources
  • Optional remote operation accessories
  • Runs on batteries, AC adaptor, or USB bus power
  • Good to go where you go
  • Ultra-low noise design with 110db SNR and -98dBm noise floor
  • Built-in auto-chromatic tuner for guitar
  • List of Effects

  • Comp / EFX Compressor, Auto Wah, Booster, Tremolo, Ring Mod, Slow Attack, Pedal Vox, Pedal Cry, Octave
  • Drive FD Combo, VX Combo, US Blues, BG Crunch, HW Stack, MS Crunch, MS Drive, PV Drive, DZ Drive, BG Drive, Over Drive, T Scream, Governor, Dist+, Dist1, Squeak, Fuzz Smile, Great Muff, Metal World, Hot Box, Z Clean, Z Wild, Z MP1, Z Bottom, Z Dream, Z Scream, Z Neos, Lead, Extreme DS, Aco.Sim
  • EQ Lo / Mid / Hi
  • ZNR / Amp ZNR, Combo & ZNR, Bright Combo & ZNR, Stack & ZNR
  • Modulation Chorus, Ensemble, Flanger, Step, Pitch Shift, Mono Pitch, HPS, Vibrato, Pitch Bend, Delay, Comb Filter, Air, Phaser
  • Delay Delay, Tape Echo, Analog Delay, Ping Pong Delay, Reverse
  • Reverb Hall, Room, Spring, Arena, Tiled Room
  • More about the G1U from Zoom

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