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Can You Use Effects Pedals With Bass?

Can You Use Effects Pedals With Bass?

Can I Use Effects Pedals With A Bass Guitar?

As a bass player, you shouldn’t feel that your job is solely to fill out the bottom end and anchor the music. Although you may not attract as much attention as other musicians, bass is a vital and indispensible part of any rock band.

How would The Beatles have fared without Paul McCartney, or The Police without Sting?


There is plenty of freedom to express yourself, possibly by using effects pedals.

While the nature of a bassist’s role in a band means it’s unlikely to use highly intrusive effects, adding subtle embellishments can really help as an enhancement.

Others can have practical benefits, such as a compressor that enables each note to be heard at a consistent volume which can be particularly useful if you’re playing a slap bass, as you don’t want certain notes or open strings to overwhelm the listener.

Compressors can also be used to toughen up your bass sound slightly, but again, it should be used subtly!

Too much can ruin the sound completely

Here are a few of what we consider to be the best effects pedals…


Boss ME-70: Stompbox Ease with Advanced COSM Creativity

A multi-effects unit that’s as easy as a stompbox - that’s the beauty of the new ME-70. The friendly, knob-laden design makes tone creation a snap, but with a powerful COSM AMP section derived from the GT-10, the ME-70 takes the “EZ- effects” concept to new heights





Boss ME-20: Performance-Based Effects for Guitar

The ME-20 is a powerful multi-effects unit optimized for live performance. Easy to use and road tough, the ME-20 povides world-class overdrive, distortion, delay, chorus, phaser, flanger, tremolo, rotary, and EQ effects, taking BOSS’s performance-based philosophy to a very affordable price point.





Boss GT-10B: Top=of-the-Line Bass Station

Bass players can enjoy the same core processing muscle and flexibility of the GT-10 in a specially made sibling: the GT-10B, optimized for the low-frequency domain. The massive power of Boss’ latest DSP engine and COSM sound-modelling know-how are integrated to provide the most creative and essential features for bass. With Parallel Chain, Phase Loop, and EZ Tone onboard, the Gt-10B takes its place as the most advanced-yet-friendly bass station on the market






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