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Breakthrough For Travelling Musicians

This week news broke that the European parliament has voted in favour of law changes which would benefit musicians travelling by air.

The new proposal would solve many of the problems musicians have faced for years and would mean that for the first time, air carriers must allow passengers to carry small instruments onto a plane. The new proposal also states that air carriers must clearly indicate terms and conditions for the transport of larger instruments in order to eradicate confusion.

The proposal was put to paper as a result of a petition by the FIM (International federation of musicians) which saw more than 40,000 people sign to bring in legislation to clarify rules on travelling with instruments.

John Smith, MU General Secretary and FIM President, says: “I am delighted that the European Parliament has voted in favour of this proposal, which will make such a difference to working musicians..’

“The MU has been lobbying on this issue for years and actually reached an agreement with the Department for Transport in 2006, but we have long been saying that it is only by working at a European and international level that we can successfully tackle this issue, as the problem is much broader than just UK airlines. “The issue has always been that existing law allows each airline to set their own policy regarding musical instrument, and this proposal would bring much needed uniformity and fairness to the whole sector. “I urge the European Council to follow the Parliament’s lead and endorse this regulation as soon as possible.”

The proposal must now also go before the European Council before we find out the outcome.

Article by Stefanie Chew


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