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Lennon Bus Audio Technica

Audio Technica Help Launch The Lennon Bus

Audio Technica Help Launch The Lennon Bus

It’s been touring around the US for a number of years now. A portable professional studio, teaching young people at performing arts facilities, colleges and festivals. Now the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is coming to Europe.

It’s decked out with a range of lovely Audio Technica gear, including M50 Headphones as well as 40-Series Ribbon and Condenser microphones.

Tom Harrold, Audio-Technica assistant marketing manager pro-audio said, “The John Lennon   Educational Tour Bus does an incredible job of providing free workshops to students in a truly   professional facility. Audio-Technica is delighted to be involved with the bus and its work in inspiring   a new generation of songwriters, performers and video producers, who will get the chance to record   with some of our most popular high-end microphone models.”



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