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Audio-Technica: Art of Record Productioin

Audio-Technica: Art of Record Productioin

Audio Technica have announced they are this years Art of Record Production keynote speech sponsor. The event which takes place between 3-5 December will see legendary producer (a title he still refuses to accept) Steve Albini - famous for working with Nirvana and PJ Harvey - deliver the keynote speech.

The Art of Record Production - what’s that?

Still the only academic conference and journal in the area of record production and music technology, since 2005 the organisation has sought to bring a mix of academics and industry practicioners at its annual conferences. This year around 65 delegates will present papers to at least 100 academics from universities all over the world.

The Art of Record Production - who’s there this year?

This year around 65 delegates will present papers to at least 100 academics from universities all over the world, as well as;

  • Paul Theberge (author of Any Sound You Can Imagine)
  • Phil Harding (The Clash, PWL, Kylie, East 17, Chairman of JAMES, Vice-Chairman of the MPG,  and author of PWL - From The Factory Floor )
  • Philip Tagg (author of Kojak: 50 Seconds Of Television Music, Fernando The Flute, Ten Little Tunes and Everyday Tonality)
  • Steve Parker (The Fall, Aretha Franklin and The Rolling Stones)
  • James Kenosha (Grammatics, Lone Wolf and Pulled Apart By Horses)
  • Richard Formby (Wild Bests)
  • Marco Pasquariello (Snap! Studios)

“We’re delighted to lend our support to this year’s Art Of Record Production Conference and to be sponsoring Steve Albini’s keynote speech in particular. With Audio-Technica microphones and headphones in use by top producers around the world, our involvement with the event is a perfect fit with the creative professionals who will be visiting and speaking at the conference.”

What’s going on?

This year the topics cover the ‘Introduction of Commerical Digital Recording in the US’, how music technology has been constructed within education and whether there is any purpose in it?, an exploration between the relationship between songwriting practice and song product, to topics about mash-ups, using online collaboration as a tool in music and music production to live music videos.

To find out more details on the Art of Record Production visit www.artofrecordproduction.com


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