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Ashdown Catchup

Ashdown, A foot in all camps?

For those of you that follow twitter, Last week Ashdown were brave enough to ask “So is there anything we don’t make that we should?” – After much Deliberation and delving into the deep dark depths of Ashdowns product catalogue I came to the conclusion that no, there isn’t. It’s amazingly comprehensive.

In the last 2 years we’ve seen Ashdown hit so many new sub-sectors – From Tour Bus spec practice amps to high power valve heads. I’ve spent some time racking my brains trying to find a niche that they’ve not addressed. My first train of thought led me to assess Ashdowns Trademark tone, powerful rock grind with pronounced mids and a heavy bottom end. Well! That’s no good for those of you with a penchant for slap. Have I found a hole?!


I recently remembered one of the latest shipments we received here at Dolphin, a shipment that contained a gold plated Mark King MK500 – and regardless of Mark Kings recent defection from Ashdown if it was ever good enough for Mark King then its good enough for the rest of us!

Well that sure showed me.

Anyway, moving on from me trying to get one up on one of the UKs largest amplification companies, I’d like to take a second to look at the Little Bastard (yes, that’s really a model name) and the drophead combos. For any of you in the know the original drophead (AKA Fliptop) from a certain American Manufacturer Producing Euphonic Gear was something of a legend and that very same company recently released a re-issue. However, it was priced well beyond most people’s budgets and even then limited to 50 pieces a year, only to be sold in the USA. At the same time Ashdown took the Little Bastard (And the initiative!) and put it into a drophead format giving us all the Retro vibes and sweet tube tones we could ask for. As if that wasn’t enough they then threw the DP200 at us, same layout as the Little Bastard Drophead combo but with an increased power rating from 30 watts to 200 watts. Now you’re talking.

Finally, onto the here and now!

System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian has just commissioned 4 custom ABM900 amps and 4 ABM810 cabs. This might not sound all that interesting if you’re not a SOAD fan but let’s take a look at the ABM series for a moment. Shavo’s tone is low and raspy, lots of drop tunings and hard hitting. Conversely Nick Fyffe (Ex Jamiroquai) uses the same rig and teases that wonderful focused funk tone out of it.
So, not only has the Ashdown range expanded into every corner of the bass market but their world renowned ABM series can go from metal to funk and everything in between with just a little EQ knowledge and a desire for that perfect tone.

Gotta hand it to Ashdown on this one, Nice work!



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