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Alt-J Choose sE Microphones

Lance Reynolds is the live sound and studio recording engineer for British band, Alt-J. The four piece who won the Mercury Music Prize in 2012 with their debut album An awesome wave are about to tour America this Christmas after performing to packed out audiences on this years festival circuit.

Alt j recently introduced the sE X1 to their live setup after hunting down a low cost large diaphragm microphone for their recent tour. Though the sE X1 was initially introduced to project vocals, sound engineer Lance Reynolds speaks about how it altered the overall use of microphones in Alt-J’s live setup.

“I’ve used the sE X1 as an overhead, I’ve used it as an audience mic and I’ve tried it on guitar and bass cabinets. It seems to be all- purpose, and seems to work on just about anything you put it on.” Reynolds has even been using the sE X1 as an audience mix for the in-ear monitor mix, “Often, a little pencil mic is too focused. The sE X1’s give it the bigger picture.”

The sE X1 has become a favourite for Reynolds and since introducing it into the Alt-J live setup, the mic has been used with almost every instrument onstage. Reynolds has recently begun using the sE X1 with a couple of toy glockenspiels as well as hats and overheads and has nothing but praise for the se X1 model.

“All these sE microphones seem to do what they need to do on anything I’ve put them on,”.

Since becoming a fan of sE mics, Reynolds has also experimented with other models;

“I tried the sE4400a on a guitar amp, mostly as a recording source, but ended up using it a lot as an overhead, like a drum ‘picture’ type thing. To my ear, the 4400a is similar to the X1 and the sE2200a, but it has a smoother top end and just seems bigger.”
Reynolds has also experimented with the VooDoo VR1 dynamic mic and he recently used this model on an Alt-J guitar amp. Reynolds states; “I put it on a guitar amp and it sounded beautiful, it just sounded huge, almost too big for my live mix.”

For more information about Alt-J visit the band’s Facebook Page
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Article by Stefanie Chew


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