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A Mackie Cinema Moment

Not content simply making great gear Mackie have produced some cool videos to show off their fantastic DL range of mixers and DLM speakers.

Time was that you would have to lug racks of heavy amps/outboard, trunks of NL4/Speakon cables and massive speakers all before you deal with any tuning in the venue.

Mackie have solved a lot of these issues using DSP, iPad integration and their usual keen eye for quality analogue electronics. Features like time alignment, wireless system tuning/mixing and different speaker voicings used to be the preserve of major touring theatre shows or high end installations. This is no longer the case and you can get faultless sound for any gig from small to large.

Once the gig is going you can simply grab your iPad, get right into the sweet spot and adjust the mix from position that most of the audience can hear it. No need to be constrained to the table with the wobbly leg next to the glass collecting station at the bar!

As for using Mackie to deal with a zombie apocalypse? Well, a little artistic might have been used.


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