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Three Trapped Tigers | Me & My Rig | All About The Music

Formed in 2007, Three Trapped Tigers are a London-based noise-trio with musical influences spanning from Brian Eno, Dave Grohl fighting Vinny Paul on Tomas Stronen’s drum kit, and Tom Morello (an interesting combination to say the least!).

Three Trapped Tigers

Their second album, “1-12” was released earlier this year, and received a very impressive 4/5 from Q Magazine, and 8/10 drom Drowned in sound. The instrumental-rock threesome will be supporting Dillinger Escape Plan on their two-date UK tour next week, and then hitting the UK and European festival scene this summer with appearances at Camden Crawl, Off the Cuff, and Greenman.


In complete honesty, I don’t really know what genre Three Trapped Tigers fit into. But what does it matter? Call them pop, classical, electronica or experimental rock; what I do know for sure is that these guys are unpredicatble, original and are making their stamp on the UKs music scene. The Trapped Tigers have airplay on BBC 6 Music, being shared by the Deftones on Twitter (big deal these days!) and will be appearing on Adam Sandlers new film, “Kick Her in the Balls” soundtrack. Nah, not really, but I ashamedly fell for that joke after reading it on their Facebook wall earlier.

We managed to catch up with Three Trapped Tigers to quiz their love and knowledge for musical gear, all things vintage, and reveal their inpsirations and musical heroes - because, it’s #allabouthemusic, right?

Tom Rogersons - Keyboardist and Semi-Vocalist - Me & My Rig

tom rogersons band member

As the keyboardist and semi-vocalist, Tom Rogersons love for vintage synths shine through when you take a look at his gear rig. Consisting of the Nord Electro Rack and Korg MS 2000R rack mountable versions of vintage synthesizers, Roland’s first ever Juno: the Juno 6, Korg’s 2002 SP200 stage piano provide Three Trapped Tigers with their electro-feel you’ll hear throughout their tracks. For recording and editing, Rogerson uses the Apogee Duet audio interface, Ableton Software and Novation Bass-Station.

Korg MS_2000

Favourite piece of musical equipment

Roland Juno 6

Musical Hero

Brian Eno

Dream Rig

My dream rig consists of Roland’s Jupter 8 synth from 1981, Arturia Prophet 5, Moog gear and a grand Piano. Practically though, I’m aspiring to get myself a Nord Stage, Novation controller keyboards, Arturia Prophet 08 and the Dave Smith Evolver.

Dave Smith Evolver

Dream Gig

My dream gig would be to play solo piano at the Royal Festival Hall (standing at the hear of Southbank Centre, the Festival Hall opened in 1951 and is now one o the world’s leading performance venues)

Adam Betts - Drums & Electronics - Me & My Rig

Adam Betts_band member

Betts describes his role in the band as a drummer, electronics, provider of unintential feedback and on stage tantrums! Gear he uses includes the Roland SPD-S and SP404 percussion pads, Korg Kaoss Pad and KP3 along with Ddrum triggers, Tama drum kit and Sabian cymbals.

Roland SPD-S

Favourite Piece of Musical Equipment

Ableton Live. (The latest version is Ableton Live 8- the software allows you composition, songwriting, production, remixing and liver performance. It has some great features, from real-time editing, groove engine, live looping and a MIDI editor)

Musical Hero

Think Dave Grohl fighting Vinnie Paul on Tomas Stronen’s drum kit. That would be awesome.

Dream Rig

Macbook Pro with Ableton Live, several mics and Ddrum triggers on the acoustic drums, going via midi (some Alesis drum brain?) going through some kind of insane max msp nonsense, triggering sounds, fireworkds and cocktail makers.

Dream Gig

Playing the soundtrack to a zombie apocalypse (might be a movie, might be the actual apocalypse…kind of easy on that)

Matt Calvert - Guitar, Synths, Producer/Writer - Me & My Rig

Matt Calvert band member

Calvert’s live guitar rig consists of a Fender American Standard Telecaster amplified by an Orange Rockerverb MKII 50W Head and Orange PPC212 Cab. For creating guitar effects, Calvert turns to BOSS for their compact pedals; the BOSS OC-3 to produce high-quality octave effects, BOSS RV-5 reverb pedal for both guitar and keyboards, and BOSS’ DD5, PS2, and finally the RC-20 for looping, sampling and phrase recording (now discontinued and replaced with the RC-30). Along with Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Tom Morello, Calvert is a huge fan of the Digitech Whammy range, using the Whammy II to perform smooth pitch bending, creating two part harmonies and applying those thick detuning sounds. You’ll also see a number of various Electro Harmonix and Moogerfoogers in the studio with Matt, along with the Line 6 DL4.

Fender American Standard Telecaster Cola Red

Matt uses various synths played on Novation controller keyboards, and Ableton Live for soft synths and various effects/samples. In the studio, accompanying Matt you’ll find the Roland Juno 6, Fender Rhodes, and the very cool monophonic bass synthesizer, the Roland SH-101 - perfect for techno or Drum&Bass

Roland SH-01

Favourite Piece of Musical Equipment

The Roland SH-101 is one of Matt’s favourite pieces of equipment. With simple, but really cool features, there’s no far fetched modulation but extremely solid bass which you can incorporate into any MIDI studio environment or as a guitar on stage.

Musical Hero

It’s impossible to say one person…Tom Morello?

Dream Rig

In terms of additions that I don’t own: A Fender Jazzmaster or Jaguar, Korg KP3, Roland SP404, Novation Launchpad, various Zvex, Electro-Harmonix and Moogerfooger pedals, Roland’s classic drum machine range, the Korg MS20, Minimoog, Wurlitzer 200a, and on it goes…
for the studio, I’d love the Altiverb 7, Termionic Culture Vulture, 1176s, Distressors, API desk and 2500 compressor! Oh, and some fat vintage plate and spring reverbs!

Dream Gig

My dream gig would pretty much to be John Frusciante circa the Blood Sugar Sex Magik tours with Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Upcoming Gig Dates
Saturday 5th May 2012London @ Camden Crawl
Sunday 6th May 2012Bristol - Simple Things
Saturday 26th May 2012Brighton NFfA Festival
Saturday 21st July 2012Truck Festival, UK
Friday 27th July 2012Off The Cuff Festival
Friday 3rd August 2012Tasov, Czech Republic
Saturday 4th August 2012Nachtdigital Festival, Germany
Sunday 19th August 2012Greenman Festival
Thursday 6th September - Saturday 8th September 201Punkt Festival, Norway
Friday 21st September 2012Fell Foot Sound Festival

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