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Lostprophets: The Making of “Weapons” from Ken Andrews on Vimeo.

Lostprophets | The Making of Weapons

Check out the incredible video interview, Lostprophets talking about their latest studio album, Weapons.

The Guillemots - Live @ Hard Rock Cafe, Manchester

The Guillemots - Live @ Hard Rock Cafe, Manchester

Last night I had the fortunate pleasure to be invited to see The Guillemots play an intimate gig in Manchester’s Hard Rock Cafe. With the release of the first of four studio albums this year – Hello Land – that’s correct, you heard right, FOUR ALBUMS, one can only assume they are one of the busiest bands on the scene right now.

The Essential ‘King of the Flat-Tops Gibson J-200’ Facts

We gave ourselves a challenge and decided to pick our favourite J-200 highlights, trivia and artist information to give you the ultimate Gibson J-200 facts. Initially, we wanted to give you 5, but it was too difficult so you have a few extra’s!  Whether you’re an old school Elvis Presley fan, acoustic guitar collector or interested on how much a vintage J-200 is going to cost you, this blog gives you everything you should wanna know about the guitar everybody loves, the Gibson J-200.

August 25th - This Day in Music

1994 - the highly anticipated reunion between Led Zeppelin members Robert Plant and Jimmy Page occurred on a 90 minute “UnLedded” MTV project. See the tracks released on the album, and a full list of Jimmy Page Gear! In addition to the acoustic numbers featured, there are reworking’s of a number of Led Zeppelin classics, along with four Middle-Eastern Moroccan-influenced songs.  and a full list of Jimmy Page Gear!

Gibson Artist Focus: B.B. King

Gibson Artist Focus: B.B. King

Legendary Gibson endorsee B.B. King is rightly revered, not only as one of greatest blues artists ever to have lived but as one of the most important guitarists of all time. He is famed for his trailblazing playing style and of course for his iconic guitar Lucille.

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