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Arturia SparkLE Gets Glowing Reviews

The SparkLE is a rhythmic beast and Future Music are big fans. Scoring the synth 9.2 in a review.

Experience The Player with Arturia.

Arturia’s 25 Note keyboard is both a keyboard controller and a hybrid synthesizer. With its native software application and a dedicaed controller-keyboard, Arturia tell us The Player is a straightforward, innovative and enjoyable. Check out the video to see whay you should have it, and read more for availability and pricing, we don’t expect it to be here for much longer.

One For The Money

One For The Money

Looking for a virtual synth? Arturia’s new package lets you try them all before you decide! The choice of virtual instruments is growing and growing, and we don’t think it’s going to stop anytime soon. With ‘The One’, you can have the privilege of ‘try-before-you-buy’.The ONE is a DVD containing 8 of our software products and their manuals. Install these 8 virtual instruments (Analog Factory 2.5, Minimoog V, Moog Modular V, ARP2600V, CS-80V, Prophet V, Jupiter-8V, Brass 2) and use them with no function limitations for 15 days. Once you’ve tried them all out you pick The ONE you want to activate.
The ONE gives you full acces to our range of virtual instruments for a 15 days trial period at the end of which you pick your software of choice.

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