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All That Dittos Is Gold

The Ditto Looper from TC Electronic has been spruced up in a nice gold finish. Same great pedal, nice price and a snazzy new look.

Rick Fenn | TC Electronic PolyTune and Mini

Find out why Rick Fenn loves his Nova System. TC have brought out the PolyTune Mini, perhaps Fenn will be switching his Polytune for this smaller version.

Divinity Roxx the Bass Guitar

As part of our Bass Guitar week at Dolphin Music, we’ll be introducing you to some of the greatest, underrated bassists as well as bass legends. Divinity Roxx is well known for her ferocious bass playing, touring with Victor Wooten and her work as a Musical Director in Beyonce’s all-female dedicated band, Suga Mama’s. We take a look at Divinity Roxx’s bass playing style…

One Small step for TC, One Giant Stomp for guitarists…

Are you too a bit skeptical when it comes to signature gear? Regardless of which musician the piece is made in honour of, how do you know you’re going to want to sound like that next week? Next year? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get a piece of gear and quickly program it to sound like your favourite flavour of the week? We investigate into TC Electonics revolutionary TonePrint technology…

Wanna Be A Test Pilot for TC Electronic?

TC Electronic are looking for bass players to video review their brand new BH500 amps and BC Cabinets. Find out here how to get to get the chance to review these products!

TC Electronic & Level 42

One of the world’s most influential bass players uses TC Electronic’s award-winning bass rig on the Level 42 30th Anniversary tour.
British thumb wizard Mark King chose a TC Electronic Bass Amp 2.0 rig for Level 42’s 30th Anniversary tour. The tour had dates across the UK and Germany with Mark’s impressive bass rig bolstered by a TC Electronic RH450 bass amp as well as two RS410 cabinets – the ideal combination to fire up his razor-sharp, thumbing lines.

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