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Shure SM58 - Designed To Dent

Ever wondered just how the SM58 survives being dropped, run over, set on fire, spat on by vocalists, mauled by bears…

Alt-J Choose sE Microphones

Lance Reynolds is the live sound and studio recording engineer for British band, Alt-J. In this article Reynolds talks about the introduction of sE microphones into Alt-J’s live setup.

sE Electronics Mics

sE Electronics Best Pick For Ultimate Drums

Frontline Producer have used almost exclusively sE microphones to record their high grade drum sample collection Ultimate Drums.

Lennon Bus Audio Technica

Audio Technica Help Launch The Lennon Bus

Launched here in Liverpool by Yoko Ono, the Lennon bus is set to travel around Europe. A portable studio, teaching young people about songwriting and sound engineering.

Recording Tips from sE Electronics

Recording Tips from sE Electronics

sE Electronics - there’s no star or sE mic that Tony Antunes has not worked with. Producer and musician to the stars, Antunes uses pretty much the entire sE mic range when recording the biggest names in music. Read out blog to see what Tony finds so special about sE mics, the sounds he creates and gives you some recording tips when working with artists…!

From The X-Factor to David Bowie with sE Electronics…

From The X-Factor to David Bowie with sE Electronics…

Producer and songwriter Gareth Young prefers the sound of his sE mics over his far more expensive options to record some of the biggest vocalists out there…we also get the prolific recording and mix engineer Andy Bradfield on using sE microphones, who has also worked with some of the biggest artists in the pop world like David Bowie, Elbow…also discover what they think about the Reflexion Filter which you receive free with selected sE Mic purchases!

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