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Marshall Headphones On The Road - Watch the New Episode

Ahead of their set at Reading & Leeds Festival 2014, why not watch the Marshall Headphones ‘On The Road’ episode featuring Queens Of The Stone Age? This is a quite a fun series showing a guy’s search for the last remains of true rock’n'roll…

Hail A Cab! Marshall’s Concept Car

Valves, cabs, grilles and speakers. Guitar amps and cars have got more in common than you might think. Marshall worked with Alfa Romeo for this slinky concept car.

August 25th - This Day in Music

1994 - the highly anticipated reunion between Led Zeppelin members Robert Plant and Jimmy Page occurred on a 90 minute “UnLedded” MTV project. See the tracks released on the album, and a full list of Jimmy Page Gear! In addition to the acoustic numbers featured, there are reworking’s of a number of Led Zeppelin classics, along with four Middle-Eastern Moroccan-influenced songs.  and a full list of Jimmy Page Gear!

sE Electronics and Snow Patrol

sE Electronics and Snow Patrol

Johnny McDaid is a writer and producer working with some of the biggest talents around including Snow Patrol, Paul Van Dyk and Gary Go. Every day brings a different recording challenge so it’s a good job he is armed with a whole range of sE gear…

Size Matters? Think Again…

Size Matters? Think Again…

We’ve cherry picked the best mini guitar amps available on the market today, as well as Dolphin’s exclusive mini amp bundle offers!

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