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Make Your LIfe Komplete - Abbey Road Drums

As included in Komplete 7, this tutorial gives an overview of both Abbey Roads 60s and 70s Drums, explaining basic parameters and the mixing desk as well as some of the advanced features such as randomization.This KONTAKT Instrument delivers expressive acoustic drums that combine detailed realism with flexible and nuanced control.

Make Your LIfe Komplete - Reaktor Prism

As included in Komplete 7, this introduction provides an overlook of this new Reaktor instrument. It also gives a short glimpse into the basic principles of modal synthesis, its underlying structure. REAKTOR PRISM is a highly playable, responsive polyphonic instrument with an unconventional sound,

Make Your LIfe Komplete - Vintage Organs

Part of the KOMPLETE instruments and effects family,.This video provides an overview over all of the functions within this new Kontakt instrument. It also provides useful tips & tricks to get the best out of a simple MIDI keyboard or a dedicated organ controller.

Make Your Life Komplete - Kontakt 4

As included in Komplete 7, this video explains how Kontakt 4 works and how to use it!

Make Your LIfe Komplete - Introduction

KOMPLETE 7 is the latest version of the ultimate software collection from Native Instruments. Now bigger and better and featuring 24 KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects, this 90 GB package is bursting with more than 10,000 production-ready sounds for all styles and genres…

Traktor’s 12 - A DJ’s Favourite.

Traktor’s 12 - A DJ’s Favourite.

As included in Komplete 7, Traktor’s 12 brings the intense buzz of the club to your studio or live stage performances. A dozen tried and tested Traktor effects have been adapted for easy use with your DAW. Traktor’s 12 runs in the free Guitar Rig Player or Guitar Rig 4 Pro/Essential, and features incredible delays, reverbs, and filters. Along with the unique and hugely popular Beatmasher, Transpose Stretch and Mullholland Drive, among others, it’s a powerful studio tool with true club pedigree. Read on to see artist testimonials from Native Instruments, plus videos of them in action!

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