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Tagged as "Heavy Metal"

Skindred’s Mikey Demus on the Roland CUBE-80XL

Skindred’s Mikey Demus explains why the CUBE-80XL is his goto amp at home. In this new video he shows just how to get that killer Ragga-Metal tone!

Cancer Bats

Cancer Bats

Unifying heavy music lovers? It’s a dirty job, but these boys might just make it happen…
It’s never surprising to learn that someone doesn’t like heavy rock. Like Marmite, it’s simply not to everyone’s taste.
And yet, the reason why Marmite is an accepted part of British culture, while heavy rock music is seen as an alternative lifestyle declaration, is that every yeast extract lover can agree that it’s a taste sensation, the ultimate accompaniment to a cup of sugary tea.
Read more to Dolphin Music’s favourite Cancer Bats tunes and videos…

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