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Dr. Green Review

Rave Reviews For Dr Green Pedals

Crafted in deepest Essex and shortly expected to come screaming into studios, venues and practice rooms the world over. Dr Green is making quite a stir in his lab.

Foo Fighters & Ashdown | Win Big at The 2012 Grammy’s

Ahsdown Amplifiers and The Foo Fighters clean up big time at this year’s Grammy Awards.

Size Matters? Think Again…

Size Matters? Think Again…

We’ve cherry picked the best mini guitar amps available on the market today, as well as Dolphin’s exclusive mini amp bundle offers!

Biffy @ iTunes Fest 2010

Biffy @ iTunes Fest 2010

Hayden Amp endorsees and Scottish rock trio Biffy Clyro closed iTunes festival this year. We have some exclusive pics for you, plus the equipment they used right here….

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