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Korg and Gorillaz

Gorillaz are to release a new song called ‘Doncamatic’ on November 22nd. The group recorded the track, a collaboration with British singer/songwriter Daley, just a few weeks ago.The inspiration for the new song and its name came from the KORG DoncaMatic, the groundbreaking Japanese-designed drum machine, introduced by KORG Inc. in 1963. The song features a sample of the voice of KORG’s founder and Chairman Tsutomu Katoh.

MiniMoog - Who Uses It? Apart from Everyone?

MiniMoog - Who Uses It? Apart from Everyone?

He may have just got an 8 week jail sentence for DIU, but George Michael certainly has good musicians in his band who make very good decisions on what instruments to use. Launched yesterday the Minimoog Voyager XL is the latest edition to Moog Music’s legendary synths. Designed in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Minimoog is a sonic powerhouse that pays homage to important milestones in the Moog synthesizer legacy.

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