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A Million Guitarists Chose to Play Spider Amplifiers

A Million Guitarists Chose to Play Spider Amplifiers

Over a million Spider amplifiers are now stacked up on arena stages, fired up in recording studio iso booths and cranked up in bedrooms around the world. Why? Because guitarists know that inside every Spider amp are the legendary Line 6 amp models, effects and flexibility they trust. Haven’t got one for yourself yet? Why not? There’s NO excuse now we have up to 35% off, with free effects pedals and free delivery!

VOX: The Sound of British Invasion

The legendary British Vox tone has created some of the most memorable recordings of all time. It all started back in 1957, when VOX kicked off its line of guitar amplifiers. In our first part of VOX week here at Dolphin Music, see how the AC15 and AC30 became to define the British sound invasion….

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