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Fender Learn To Play Day 2014

Fender announced this week that they’ll be holding a ‘Learn to Play Day’ in partnership with the Registry of Guitar Tutors in London this April.

Music & Education Go Hand in Hand

The Telegraph yesterday wrote about the major review of music education in England, which has been launched in attempt to prevent the subject remaining the preserve of children from middle-class families.Under Coalition plans, children will be given the chance to learn an instrument at school.  Although it’s currently compulsory in the National Curriculum to study music up to the age of 14, there is concern that fewer than 1 in 10 pupils study the subject at GSCE level. Should this be a major concern or is it a simple fact of kids not wanting to study music academically and more recreationally?


If you’re a beginner and have absolutely no idea what you should be buying…we’ve got many different ways to help you. From starter bundles to your favourite artists gear, we have tons of information to support you buying either your first instrument, or perhaps it’s your child who wants to start playing? We’ve put together some of our favourite starter packs to help…

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