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Launch Control XL: The Ultimate Hands-on Controller for Ableton Live

Check the new video for the new Novation Launch Control XL, the ultimate controller for Ableton Live. Ivan Corraliza, aka. ill Factor (Timbaland, Nelly Furtado, Kelly Rowland) shows how you can have total hands-on control using Launch Control XL!


Savings On Ableton & Push Bundles

Get a full copy Ableton Standard or Suite together with Push and save money this spring.

Kasar Performs on Piano using Ableton Live

Classically trained pianist, Arnold Kasar performs the piece “En Automne”, by sampling from a piano into Ableton Live.

Kenny Larkin on Novation Launchpad

Kenny Larkin is a legend in the Detroit Techno scene, and rightly so. Check out this new video and find out why Ableton Live and Novation’s Launchpad control have become central to his work.

BT Interview, Stutter Edit & iZotope

Stutter Edit is a unique playable effect designed by BT and developed by iZotope. Create entire tracks from just a short loop, or generate incredible live remixes just by using your MIDI keyboard and a host like Ableton Live. Stutter Edit is perfect for both the stage and studio.

Novation Launchpad takes DJ Hero 2 to the next level…

Novation Launchpad takes DJ Hero 2 to the next level…

For those of you who love the increasingly popular “ryhthm” games, (though not too sure I like that name!) you’ll have probably already got your hands on (or have added it to your Christmas list) DJ Hero 2 which was released last week. And, you will probably know all about Novation’s Launchpad which is a new feature in the on-screen gameplay?

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