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Welcome to the Dolphin Music Blog

Boss DS1X And OD1X Review

Pete Thorn reviews the latest distortion creations from Boss.

Carlos Santana Gear Guide

Premier Guitar took a look at the great man’s rig.

Digitech Hardwire Pedal Guide

What makes a great pedal for live use? It’s gotta be tough for the road, compact for your board and sweet for the ears.

Novation sure is Feelin’ Good

Novation sure is Feelin’ Good

Boss music vid with boss equipiment by Novation.

Fairlight Sampler

Nord Vintage Keys

Chamberlin, Fairlight & Mellotron sounds have been a staple on classic records since people put the needle down on Strawberry Fields by the Beatles.

TonePros Tune O Matic & Wraparound Bridges Now In Stock

TonePros Tune O Matic & Wraparound Bridges are now in stock at Dolphin Music.

How Do I Play…? Easy! Go to Learn To Play Day

Always wanted to learn how to play an instrument? Learn To Play Day will help you do just that!

Nate Mendel From The Foo Fighters On Ashdown

Foo Fighters’ bassist Nate Mendel was on a quest to find an amp that let him get loud enough on stage, then he found Ashdown.