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Make Your LIfe Komplete - Abbey Road Drums

As included in Komplete 7, this tutorial gives an overview of both Abbey Roads 60s and 70s Drums, explaining basic parameters and the mixing desk as well as some of the advanced features such as randomization.This KONTAKT Instrument delivers expressive acoustic drums that combine detailed realism with flexible and nuanced control.

Make Your LIfe Komplete - Reaktor Prism

As included in Komplete 7, this introduction provides an overlook of this new Reaktor instrument. It also gives a short glimpse into the basic principles of modal synthesis, its underlying structure. REAKTOR PRISM is a highly playable, responsive polyphonic instrument with an unconventional sound,

Make Your LIfe Komplete - Vintage Organs

Part of the KOMPLETE instruments and effects family,.This video provides an overview over all of the functions within this new Kontakt instrument. It also provides useful tips & tricks to get the best out of a simple MIDI keyboard or a dedicated organ controller.

Make Your Life Komplete - Kontakt 4

As included in Komplete 7, this video explains how Kontakt 4 works and how to use it!

Make Your LIfe Komplete - Introduction

KOMPLETE 7 is the latest version of the ultimate software collection from Native Instruments. Now bigger and better and featuring 24 KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects, this 90 GB package is bursting with more than 10,000 production-ready sounds for all styles and genres…

Orange Thunder 30 Review

Orange Thunder 30 Review

PlayMusic PickUp sat down with the new Orange TH30 guitar amp head and one of Oranges new 410 speaker cabinets. “If I were in the market for a guitar amp right now I would buy one of these unreservedly: everything from the power rating to its features feels right, nothing feels superfluous and weighing its price against what it delivers the TH30 feels like a bargain. Certainly nothing in its class matches it for sheer bang for buck.” See what else they have to say and a great demo video….

BPM 2010

BPM 2010

The Ultimate DJ Event. If you’re going, lucky you…aside from attending Europe’s biggest dedicated DJ’ing, electronic music and club culture event - Novation Music are giving away over £7000 of DJ gear! As if it isn’t enough having Novation letting you try out their brand new UltraNova Syntheszier. See info on how to enter this amazing competition and what Dolphin will be sure to see this weekend…

EHX Effectology Vol.18

From New Dehli to the Australian Outback, Bill Ruppert dials in the shortwave radio bringing the sonic mysteries of the East skillfully cloaked with EHX designs. Sitars shimmer as tablas relay the rhythm. Magical kalimbas meet the aboriginal drones to weave textures that define the interactive power of each and every Electro-Harmonix pedal.