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TC Electronic & Level 42

One of the world’s most influential bass players uses TC Electronic’s award-winning bass rig on the Level 42 30th Anniversary tour.
British thumb wizard Mark King chose a TC Electronic Bass Amp 2.0 rig for Level 42’s 30th Anniversary tour. The tour had dates across the UK and Germany with Mark’s impressive bass rig bolstered by a TC Electronic RH450 bass amp as well as two RS410 cabinets – the ideal combination to fire up his razor-sharp, thumbing lines.

The Pedal That Rocked The World

Learn how a simple effect became one of the most important tools of expression for guitarists everywhere with the Dunlop Cry Baby.
This trailer from Guard House pictures announces the trailer release of Cry Baby: The Pedal that Rocks the World. The documentary tells the story of the #1 selling effects pedal of all time from its invention in 1966 through its evolution into the present day.

Ron Bumblefoot Thal

Ron Thal, aka Bumblefoot, started playing the guitar at age 6 after hearing the Kiss Alive! album. That was some 35 years ago, and since then, he just continued to play, start bands, write music, make demos, play gigs, teach, build his own guitars, engineer and produce other bands. In fact, he has been releasing music for 20 years, and he is now one of the guitarists in the legendary rock band Guns N’ Roses. He gives TC Electronic a breakdown of his favourite equipment…

GAIA FX and Audio Interface

This week we’ve unravelled the history of Roland Synths and talked you through, step by step, the brand new GAIA Synth from Roland themselves. In the final Roland Episode check out how to recreate the analogue sounds of its predecessor and how it’s going to follow the footsteps of all Roland Synthesizers to become the next legendary synth…look inside sounds and see how they work.

Make Your Own Sounds From Scratch

Day Four in the Dolphin Music Blog takeover. Make your own sounds from scratch with the Roland GAIA SH-01 synthesizer…

Have Yourself an Audio-Technica Christmas

Sick to death of hearing Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas and cannot bear the thought of another year? Well well well, Audio-Technica have a competition you may just like. Join the online search for the most entertaining alternative Christmas tune by entering Audio-Technica’s Alternative Christmas Tune Competition. They say ‘entertaining’ so don’t worry if you’re not the best musician - plus, you have nothing to lose as every entry receives a free pair of headphones. The lucky winner will win £500 of Audio-Technica equipment. Easy! Read more for details on how to enter…


Edit the Presets

Day three of our Roland Synth Takeover powered by their newest synth GAIA. Today we show how to edit the presets of the GAIA SH-01…

Largest polyphony in its class

Powered by their newest synth GAIA, Roland takeover our blog this week for the second time this week to travel back through synth time…