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Kenny Larkin on Novation Launchpad

Kenny Larkin is a legend in the Detroit Techno scene, and rightly so. Check out this new video and find out why Ableton Live and Novation’s Launchpad control have become central to his work.

First Look at Roland’s Jupiter-80 Synthesizer

Last week at Europe’s largest trade show for the MI world, MusikMesse, we were very happily introduced to the Jupiter-80 synthesizer - the latest addition to Roland’s line-up of ultimate synthesizers. Roland’s synths go back to 1981, when Roland created the JUPITER-8 with the goal of creating the most expressive synthesizer possible. Equipped with the leading technology of its day, the legendary Jupiter synth’s unique character and rich sound has remained iconic in the popular musical landscape ever since. Get a first look at the Jupiter 80 synth with Howard Jones inside….

One Small step for TC, One Giant Stomp for guitarists…

Are you too a bit skeptical when it comes to signature gear? Regardless of which musician the piece is made in honour of, how do you know you’re going to want to sound like that next week? Next year? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get a piece of gear and quickly program it to sound like your favourite flavour of the week? We investigate into TC Electonics revolutionary TonePrint technology…

A Million Guitarists Chose to Play Spider Amplifiers

A Million Guitarists Chose to Play Spider Amplifiers

Over a million Spider amplifiers are now stacked up on arena stages, fired up in recording studio iso booths and cranked up in bedrooms around the world. Why? Because guitarists know that inside every Spider amp are the legendary Line 6 amp models, effects and flexibility they trust. Haven’t got one for yourself yet? Why not? There’s NO excuse now we have up to 35% off, with free effects pedals and free delivery!

Ashdown Catchup

For those of you that follow twitter, Last week Ashdown were brave enough to ask “So is there anything we don’t make that we should?” – After much Deliberation and delving into the deep dark depths of Ashdowns product catalogue I came to the conclusion…

Elbow add Nord Stage Piano to their rig!

The Bury lads’ eagerly awaited album, ‘Build A Rocket Boys’ has seen great sucess already in the UK, still standing at number 5 in the iTunes album charts a week after its release. Following their resounding success of ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’ which finally rewarded Elblow the mainstream succes they’ve always deserved, Elbow kick off their UK tour this month, and we’re sure you’d like to know what’s included in their stage setup.

e c p from halloween on Vimeo.

Eric Clapton Inspired Blues Lesson

What makes the guitar playing of Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn and B.B. King so amazing? Line 6 and GuitarJamz.com’s Marty Schwartz teaches you how to make the Eric Clapton “hammer on/pull off Signature Sound. For all you blues beginner’s, Schwartz slows it down for you to learn at a slower pace. Sign-up to get Stevie Ray Vaughn and B.B. King style lessons straight to your inbox!

VOX and You Me At Six

It’s day 3 of our VOX week at Dolphin Music. In this session, Vox headed down to London’s Hammersmith Apollo and caught up with You Me At Six guitarist Max Helyer, to find out how the Vox AC30C2X and the 55-series Vox guitar play their part. It’s fair to say that this last year has been a pretty big one for pop punk band You Me At Six. The Surrey based group have toured Europe, sold out their headline UK tour, released a hit second album and were nominated for not one, but three Kerrang! awards; including Best British Band, Best Album (Hold Me Down) and scooping the coveted Best Single award for Liquid Conference.